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Our Team

Zakariya Salahudheen is the founder and managing director of Wah Prints. He is an IT & Media expert who has 2.5 decades of experience. He brought many initiatives to empower people through modern technologies and media. He is also the founder of www.Gulfmalayaly.com founded in 2004.

Balkees Ettol Kalathil is the co-founder of Wah Prints is a well-known photographer in Qatar. She has almost 10 years of experience in the photography industry.

Zakariya Salahudheen

Founder and Managing Director of Wah Prints.

Balkees Ettol Kalathil

Co-Founder of Wah Prints.

Wah Prints
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Looking for gifting a treasure of joy to your loved ones?

Wah Prints is a company that specializes in offering exclusive service of photo printing and personalized photo gifts to individual customers, and it is headquartered in Qatar, overseeing operations on a global scale.

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